Spin with the party!

  • Tailored to event or person

    Nowadays, any event experience can be enhanced with a 360 video selfie camera. Our machines can be completely customized for a person or event, from color to video image and logos.

  • Instant review and sharing

    The completed slow-motion videos and boomerangs can be immediately shared on social media.

  • Countless possibilities

    At your event, guests can make short video clips in hyper-slow-motion style with the 360-degree video selfie machine.

  • Regardless of age

    Most importantly, it's a fun option for all ages!

360 packages

All packages include the following / our basic services:

  • Free party supplies
  • Unlimited video production
  • Personal assistance
  • The videos are transferred digitally on site

Basic - 3 hour

185 000 HUF
  • Our basic services

Medium - 4 hour

205 000 HUF
  • Our basic services

Full - 5 hour

235 000 HUF
  • Our basic services

We offer a 10% discount on the rental of the selfie machine if you use our photography or videography services for your weddings or events!


The 360-degree video selfie machine is a special automatic video selfie machine that moves 360 degrees around a central platform.

The machine can produce videos of varying lengths (5-15 seconds), slow motion, boomerangs, GIFs.

The machine’s platform can hold up to 4 people at a time, to make a video.

A free area of approximately 3×4 meters (with a ceiling height of 3m), close to where electricity is available.

We will arrive 30-40 minutes before the start time, assemble the machine and set it up at the agreed location.

Within Pest county the delivery is free of charge, outside Pest county 95.-Ft/km. If other services are requested for the event, the delivery fee will be charged once.

Videos are shared as soon as they are created.

Yes, all the material will be made available online within a week of the event.

Yes, with up to one week’s notice to the provider, pre-arranged editing is possible.

Yes, each new hour started is 25.000.-Ft/hour.

With an iPhone 11 pro phone.

For weddings, corporate or other events, birthday parties, exhibitions, but also in many other settings, it is a great choice for those present.

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