We were at Gasztro Expo with our selfie!

In April, we participated in several large-scale events with our selfies, one of the most important of which was the Gasztro Expo at Hungexpo.

We tried to sync the atmosphere of the event with our traditional printer selfie machine, which is still part of our service offered, along with our new 360-degree video selfie machine.

A lot of big names in the food and gastronomy circles were present at the event, so we were honoured to be present at the event, courtesy of Helit.

During the two-day event on 18 and 19 April, we handed out nearly 400 printed images to visitors who tried out our machines and took selfies between two tastings and a tour of our stand.

This was also an important presentation for us in that we tried out our new-look printer selfie machine, which delivered on its mission with a more beautiful, cleaner look, but still up to the same standard.


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