Wedding selfies in the heart of Budapest!

Our selfies at weddings are routine, but every occasion is a new experience and a new experience for us.
Dóri and Javi’s wedding on the Europe boat was something we were really looking forward to, because besides the selfie service, the 4hands wedding was also entrusted with the photography and videography.

They were also very much prepared for the wedding, they used a custom print layout made entirely for them for the selfie, which they also did their part in creating so we had custom, personalised pictures printed for the guests. But their enthusiasm didn’t stop there, being a Spanish-Hungarian wedding they also created special Spanish accessories for the occasion, along with ours, to add to the atmosphere and make the experience even more special for the foreign guests.
We started the selfie session after dinner and everyone immediately tried it out with great enthusiasm, and this went on until the end of the party. During this time we printed more than 200 photos, taking advantage of the unlimited printing possibilities.
Even after we finished our work, we started packing up with a heavy heart, because it was hard to leave this wedding with a fantastic atmosphere. 🙂


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