Wedding seasON

Our selfie machine’s wedding programme has been busy lately, contributing to the atmosphere of a rocking wedding party almost every week. This was the case at the wedding of Kata and Sylvester, where the selfie machine next to the dance floor was constantly being visited by even the youngest and oldest to take a picture.Well, […]

Wedding selfies in the heart of Budapest!

Our selfies at weddings are routine, but every occasion is a new experience and a new experience for us.Dóri and Javi’s wedding on the Europe boat was something we were really looking forward to, because besides the selfie service, the 4hands wedding was also entrusted with the photography and videography. They were also very much […]

We were at Gasztro Expo with our selfie!

In April, we participated in several large-scale events with our selfies, one of the most important of which was the Gasztro Expo at Hungexpo. We tried to sync the atmosphere of the event with our traditional printer selfie machine, which is still part of our service offered, along with our new 360-degree video selfie machine. […]

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